Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology, Anita (kim) is the outcome of the dream of Trustee Shree Jayantibhai S Patel, Vidhyadeep Charitable trust, a visionary who had a desire to create an education system where even a deprived background student will get equal opportunity and motivation to learn and receive education in order to become an achiever par excellence..

The dreamer, our Founder Shree Jayantibhai S Patel, associated with Real Estate and Construction by profession, a down to earth person with human values by childhood and family experience, an achiever and leader, an educational entrepreneur, knows how to translate his dream to reality. He analyzed and observed very keenly the changing global scenario village Kim and surrounding rural area and its demand on education system especially in the applied sciences, including Engineering and technical education. With this in mind, a best education facility including laboratory and workshops for practical experience, has been created in Village ANITA (Kim) to develop and prepare the student as a skilled professional and technocrat who will serve the society and nation with dedication, value and proper mindset.

Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology, Anita (kim) strongly prepare to orienting engineering and technical education capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the Gujarat State at large and of Anita(Kim) Dist: Surat in particular. Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology, is running five branches Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer and Electronics and Communication with educate latest and modern facilities. The Technical college education is an organized attempt to help student become intelligent, self reliant, able to face real life situation and have an economic and ethical relevance to the society. We at Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology, Anita (kim) evolved and adopted the technical teaching programs, requiring the students to undergo the rigor of the professional world in forms as well as in substance providing them an opportunity to apply their class-room knowledge to live situations. Thus, to build the long needed bridge between the professional world and the Technical education.

Our Mission and Our Vision


  • To provide Quality education of IT.
  • To promote research based projects based o available resources.
  • To imparting students with the best competency and excellence.


To imparting students to exchange blows against globe in the field of IT and technical education.