Semester Subject Name Book


Communication Skills Handbook of practical Communication skills – Chrisle W. JAICO
Mathematics Advanced Mathematics – B.S. Shah & Co
Introduction to Computers Fundamentals of Computers: V. Rajaraman
Computer Programming & Programming Methodology Programming in C, Pradip Dey & Manas Ghosh – Oxford
Office Automation Tools Open Office Basic: An Introduction – James Steinberg – Gold Turtle Pub.


Organization Structure & Behaviour Organization Behaviour – By L. M. Prasad
Computerized Financial Accounting Accounting for Management – By Dr. Hawaharlal
Operating System – I Operating System Concepts: – James Peterson: – McGraw Hill
Advanced C Programming Programming in C, Balaguruswami – TMH
Database Management System (DBMS) Database System Concepts: – Henry F. Korth & Abrahim Silberschatz – McGraw Hill Education


Statistical Methods Introduction to mathematical statistics, Hogg R V & Craig A L – Tata McGraw Hill
Software Engineering-I Software Engineering-I, McDonald- JMH, Tata McGraw Hill Pub.Co.Ltd, New Delhi
Relational Database Management System SQL, PL/SQL: The Programming Language of Oracle, Ivan Bayross – BPB
Data Structures An Introduction to Data Structures with applications, Trembley – Tata McGraw Hill.
Object Oriented Programming Programming with C++, E Balaguruswamy – BPB Publication


Information System Introduction to system analysis and Design, NCC – Galgotia Publications
Software Engineering – II Object Oriented Modelling and Designing with UML, Michael R Blaha & James R Rumbaugh – Pearson
Java Programming Java Programming Language – Ken Arnold James Gosling, David Holmes: –Addison Wesley (Pearson Education)
.NET Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Step by Step – by Michael Halvorson, PHI Publication
Web Designing JavaScript Step by Step, Suehring – PHI


PHP & MySQL The Complete Reference PHP – Stever Holzner – McGraw Hill
UNIX & Shell Programming UNIX Shells, Vijay Mukhi –BPB Publications
Network Technologies Networking Complete – 3 rd Edition – BPB Publications
Operating System – II Operating Systems: Internals & Design Principles, William Stallings, PHI
ASP .NET ASP.NET – A Beginner’s Guide by Dave Mercer – TMH



Computer Graphics Computer Graphics – second edition, Donald Hearn & M. Pauline Baker – Tata McGraw Hill Pub
e-Commerce and Cyber Security Frontiers of Electronic Commerce, Ravi Kalakota and Andrew Whinston, Addition Wesley